Picture of Scottish Wedding
"You are my north,my south" (We can match any tartan for the kilt) STANDARD DESIGN


Picture of Gretna Green Wedding
"We have tied the knot and jumped the broomstick" (CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Kilt Wedding Couple + Dogs
"We vow to be together forever"(Each dog will be an extra cost of £29.95 each) (CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Scottish catch me if you can
"I have finally caught the one I always wanted" (BRIDE STANDARD DESIGN) (GROOM CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Scottish Showing The Garter
"It's the grooms turn next!" (CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Chocolate Fountain Wedding
"I think we have gone all gooey" (STANDARD COUPLE, TABLE ITEMS CAN BE CUSTOMISED)


Picture of Scottish Wedding with Red Dress
"Here comes the blushing bride" (CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Scottish Arm & Arm
" I think we should have a toast...with iron bru" (STANDARD DESIGN)


Picture of Scottish Best Man
"Single malt for me please" (CUSTOMISED DESIGN)


Picture of Scottish Musical Wedding
"Do yo know Donald where's your trousers"


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